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What are the functions of Salesforce Automation?

What are the functions of Salesforce Automation?

If your business is growing and has more than a handful of customers with sales as the primary objective, then salesforce automation should be your company’s new best friend.

Salesforce automation is an automated process that mechanizes and incorporates various parts of business processes from contact administration to sales forecasting to email integration. It connects every component of your business and ensures consistent information streams through different branches of your organization.

Let’s go through some of the top functions of salesforce automation CRM –

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Customer & Deals Management

If sales form the backbone of your organization, then you need to emphasize customer experience. The main objective of SFA tools is customer relationship management and sales process automation which ensures that your customers are treated as a priority.

Contact Management

Salesforce automation systems will provide you with a 360-degree view of your customer contact details, past interactions, internal account discussions, and activity history. It will even provide you with insights from various social media platforms. Moreover, these data can be assessed anytime whenever a reference is required.

Opportunity Management

SFA tools will ensure that you never miss an important detail from the ongoing deals such as team status, quotes, stage progress, and others.

Salesforce Engage

Salesforce automation systems will allow you to create personalized campaigns and effectively monitor how your customers are engaging with just a few clicks. Moreover, all developments will be instantly notified.

Sales Performance Management

Salesforce automation systems will provide you with real-time data on the sales performance of your team, allow you to set metric-based goals, and drive performance by appreciating/rewarding their efforts.


Leads are equally important as your sales. Without leads, it will be challenging for you to sell. SFA comes with an intuitive lead management system to boost your sales and productivity.

Lead Management

SFA tools will help you understand the channels generating the most amount of leads, enable you to track real-time leads and assist you with optimizing your ongoing campaigns to improve sales.

Partner Management

With SFA, you can work with your partners at a whole new level. From actively monitoring involvements to sharing activities and objectives, SFA will strengthen partner management.

Productivity Acceleration

One of the strongholds of Salesforce automation systems is their ability to enhance productivity through their cloud platform.


Salesforce automation systems will help you create a portable sales office out of your smartphone with their salesforce mobile application. From logging your calls to checking sales performance, responding to your leads, and never missing out on an opportunity, SFA tools have got you covered.

Inside Sales Console

Salesforce automation systems will enable your sales team to access detailed company information, multiple leads, and sales intelligence from a single screen to develop a faster and smarter workforce.

Workflow & Approvals

You can micromanage your business processes like promotional offers, expenses, deal discounts, and others via the flexible approval system offered by SFA tools.

Files Share & Sync

It has never been easier to engage in discussions with your team, share files with them, publish, and track content in real-time. Salesforce automation systems will allow you to quickly search the files you need, set up notifications to stay updated on changes, and manage effortlessly the access permissions.

Email Integration

With Salesforce automation systems, you can integrate all existing email applications and efficiently use them without the need for any change from your side.

Insights Management

Insights management is essential as it will allow you to improve your operational efficiency by focusing on areas that require work.

Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce automation systems will allow you to access your dashboards at any time and from anywhere to get real-time reports of your sales, leads, and other business-related activities via graphics and an intuitive interface.

Territory Management

Territory management is quite challenging for businesses. However, Salesforce automation systems simplify the process and enable you to develop multiple territory models, optimize the territories, and preview before rollout.

Sales Forecasting

Easy, accurate, and smart forecasting of your sales may seem like a dream but not with Salesforce automation systems. Salesforce automation systems will analyze past sales records and check present sales databases to provide your sales team with accurate insight into the upcoming opportunities.

Moreover, SFA tools will provide you with real-time access to your team’s dashboard with extraordinary features like visibility override, multi-currency support, and inline editing to make sales forecasting a seamless task.

Summing Up

Salesforce automation being a cloud platform software facilitates a seamless data flow between different departments of your business 24/7. From lead management to sales team management, trend detection, sales forecast, improved deal closures, and reduction in manual administrative tasks, Salesforce automation systems can greatly benefit your business.

If you are planning to implement a Salesforce automation system in your business, ConvergeHub has got you covered. Call us today or drop us a text to know more.


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