The top five harem anime of all time

Harem anime

Harem anime have been garnering a lot of attention from different spheres of people all across the world. Check out the best of them !!

The genre has been able to manage a good number of fans in recent years. Though the inclination for harem anime has been high since forever, Harem anime generally revolves around a male protagonist who has been the focus of more than three females. The male protagonist mostly remains someone who lacks charm and is kind of a nerd. the one who doesn’t have any X-factor. But with the eventual growth of the series, the character gains ample attention and becomes the love interest of many desirable females.

  1. How Not to Summon the Demon Lord

This series came out in 2018. It has been one of the greatest hits since then. Takuma, the protagonist of the series, is a gamer of cross reverie. In the game, he controls the character Diablo, a demon lord. One day, mysteriously, he enters the virtual world of his game, much to his utter surprise. Eventually he gets to know that two females have summoned him into the game. The quest goes on to win the game through his knowledge and free the girls who have turned into slaves.

2.   Strike the Blood

This one will truly tantalise the brain. The male protagonist, Kajou Akatsuki, turns out to be the most dreadful vampire of all times. Most people think that vampires are just a legend. Another organisation sends a shaman to prevent Kajou from wreaking havoc on the world. On the contrary , shamans and Kajou form an alliance to save the world from unfortunate and chaotic forces .

3.   The hidden dungeon, which only I can enter

The Hidden Dungeon is one of the latest released harem animes. It was released in 2021. The male protagonist, Noir Stardia, is a meek protagonist. He himself is a coward . The tables turned when he didn’t get the job and set out to work as an adventurer. In one of his quests, Noir stumbled upon a dungeon, where he met Olivia, a servant who had been in there for many centuries. Noir Stardia receives three extremely powerful skills, which he uses to gain more power.

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4.   A couple of cuckoos

This anime is quite famous for its comedy and high school setting. The male protagonist, Nagi Umino, is a high school student . Hiro, a classmate, is his crush. Nagi decides on revealing his crush to Hiro after beating her in the class rankings. However, Nagi soon discovers that his parents are adoptive parents rather than biological parents. In his quest to search for his biological parents, he meets Erika Amano. Erika is the biological daughter of Nagi’s adoptive parents. She soon falls for Nagi.

5.   More than married couple but not lovers.

This is one of the most famous harem animes. It was released in 2022. The anime revolves around a high school romance. The male protagonist is Jiro, who has developed feelings for his childhood crush, Shiori. But the school started a couple training programmes. The school assigned the partners. Although Jiro wanted Shiori to be his partner, the school assigned Akari as his partner. Akari herself wanted to be with the school’s heartthrob, Minami. But Jiro and Akari decide to keep their differences aside and work to top the program. as the toppers can switch partners. Eventually, Jiro and Akari develop feelings for each other. They remain confused about how each theory feels about the other. Amidst all this, Shiori reveals that she is in love with Jiro. This adds to the problems of Jiori, who has to decide between Akari and Shiori.


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