How is it Different to Work with a Dedicated Developer with Dedicated Resources?

hire dedicated developers India

If you are working in a tech company or want to make good-looking websites or applications then you may need to hire dedicated developers India. There are several other models for software development out of which dedicated roles are one of the best for development from scratch. We will learn about the main differences between dedicated developers and other developers.

A dedicated developer will not only make your software but may even help you in increasing your productivity with their development. A dedicated developer means an expert person who will only work for your organization with all their past experiences and the latest technologies. These people can lead your tech team, and even provide services when they are not available at that location remotely.

List of Differences

There are many differences between a dedicated developer and other development models that may include a focus on the specific project, overall control, and cost-effectiveness.

  1. Project’s Focus: A dedicated developer means a professional with only one focus: onthe client’s project and the work assigned to them. While in the case of other models like staff augmentation, these people are involved in several activities at the same time due to which they are not completing projects on time. A lack of focus on a project leads to not developing a quality product.
  2. Control of Project: If we look at the scenario of a dedicated developer then we get to know that the client has entire control over their project and the client can directly tell their requirements to the respective developers. While if we look at project-based outsourcing, there is less control of clients over the project as they mostly work on project management.
  3. Flexible: A dedicated developer provides better flexibility than other models because a client can hire a developer for a part-time, full-time, or an entire project depending on the requirement of the client. This level of flexibility allows a client to increase the workload and decrease the workload according to the situation.
  4. Experience: A professional dedicated developer has a good amount of experience and high skills with some expertise in specific areas related to development like app development, web development, or testing of software. On the other hand, if we look at the outsourcing model then you may get several ranges of skills but not a good expertise level.
  5. Cost Effective: A dedicated developer will save a lot of cost as compared to outsourcing models. As here clients directly go to the developers and ask them whether they will work for them or not. It avoids all the extra costs like markup fees that are being imposed by outsourcing companies.


As we have seen the major differences while working with a dedicated developer with some dedicated resources and other models of development, we get to know that if you want your success for a long time with appropriate software then a dedicated person will be best suitable for you. They will offer you flexible, and affordable development. These people work faster as compared to other experts and provide quality work.







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