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Chinese AI 100m Series: MeituanLiaotechCrunch

Chinese AI 100m Series: MeituanLiaotechCrunch

As per the data of Flexiv chinese AI 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch, multiple companies like meituan and Techcrunch have provided the funds of 100 million dollars to the Flexiv. Flexiv remains one of the benchmark technology companies which manufacture the ‘adaptive robots’ in China. Flexiv manufactures robots for different industries including agriculture. This 100M dollars investment in Flexiv will definitely be able to manufacture lots of other robots which can be helpful in the manufacturing industries. Flexiv has brought out new robotic software which is another niche it is good at. Flexiv has claimed that this new software will surely make programming of robots easier. Keeping in mind the problems faced by the traditional companies in China, there is a new venture in the partnership between Flexiv and meituan. Meituan is a tech giant of china.

Meituan and Flexiv have released a new series of funding called the AI series 100m. This move is surely going to increase the developments in artificial intelligence. The target of this funding will remain all the emerging tech companies whose annual revenue is 20 million RMB.

This funding will hopefully create a data analysis system which can enable a peep into the customer behavior and demand in the markets. This will eventually help in roping in many global and local tech companies who are active in Latin America, South East Asia and Africa.

As  AI series meituanliaotechcrunch  has been able to raise 100 million dollars .This will be helping the company to establish themselves better and employ people with them. Keeping this in mind it has started to cooperate with the china electronics technology group.

Features of chinese AI 100m  meituanliaotechcrunch :

  • Chinese AI 100 m series meituanliaotechcrunch has ventured into the the arena of robotics which are flexible and adaptive unlike other industrial robots. The company has come up with robots which are more efficient and useful in various industries. This has surely given new platforms to other such companies. Concurrently the market for the robots have grown in china especially with the growth of chinese AI 100m meituanliaotechcrunch
  • The robots by Flexiv can perform many such tasks like medical care and logistics among others. As of now the robots still can not stand against google and amazon. But the amount of funding it has received will surely make a big difference. It will help the company in achieving a strong customer base . In addition, it can work on expanding the features of its robots. This has certainly helped other companies to get down in the manufacturing of adaptive robots.
  • New Hope Group has also invested in the company among many others.
  • Apart from this, Flexiv has also ventured out to lend its technology to the food delivery business of meituan. This investment will lead to many such ventures by the company. .
  • The features of these adaptive robots have been quite impressive as they can operate in the environment of complications which need a lot of AI.
  • There are plans to monetise the services by selling the licensing software, robots and after sale services.
  • The robots can be used in different fields like home appliances, high speed trains and energy.


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