Best Romance Animes Of All Time.

Romance Animes

Amongst many genres of anime, romance anime remains close to the hearts of the audience. The fact that the romance animes main plot of a love story engages people. The romance anime helps people relive fantasy and feel a range of emotions. This is one of the reasons that there is always a very high demand for the same. There are a whole lot of emotions like classic love stories and love stories with triangles.

We have curated a list for you to explore the best romance anime .

  1. Given

Amongst many such romance anime you will definitely find ‘given’ as the most realistic one. The story revolves around the band members of high school. Ritusuku, one of the leads of the series, develops feelings for Mafuyu. Mafyyu is already grappling with the loss of his ex. The two however realise their love for each other and kiss backstage before the beginning of their show on stage. The name of the band given comes from the violin which was given by mafuyu’s ex’s mother. The other couple of the series are Haruki and Akihiko. Akhihiko is not a regular guy who can give commitment . But later on he realises his love for haruki.

  1. Ao haru ride

This romance anime revolves around Futaba who has lots of guys falling for her. But she has a crush on Kou. Her friends deserted her as they are jealous of the amount of attention she gains from the boys. But she waits for Kou, keeping herself distant from all the drama . Once she gets to know that Kou is back in the school she seeks for his love.

  1. Rent a girlfriend

If you love romance animes and yet want them to tickle your funny bones then this is your go to watch. Rent a girlfriend revolves around a high school boy Kazuya. Kazuya breaks up with his girlfriend but hires a new girlfriend from a dating site. The series is hilarious with a series of cheeky dialogues. It will surely make you laugh. The complications start in the series when Kazuya comes to know that the new rental girlfriend is his fellow schoolmate .

  1. Romantic killer

If you like something out of the box romantic angles, then this is the one. This romance anime revolves around a girl, Anzu Hoshino. She is a gamer of great capability with zero interest in love and romance. One day a love cupid wizard Riri appears before her and offers her to experience romance animes in her life. Though Hoshino clearly declines this offer, Riri confiscates the things which were close to Hoshino’s heart. In a bargain, Riri wants her to play a real life game . Hoshino finally agrees to play but eventually develops a connection with the other candidates.

  1. Call of the night

This is one of the well written romance animes of this year. It revolves around ko yamori who has lost interest in the school so he drops out of it. As the series proceeds ko meets a girl who happens to be a vampire. Ko expresses his desire to turn into a vampire .But he came to know that only when a vampire who loves him bites him then only he will turn into a vampire. This is one of the best romance anime of all the time.

  1. Teasing master Takagi san

This romantic anime which won the Shogakukan award. The protagonists Nishikata and Takagi are the seatmates. Takagi keeps playing embarrassing pranks on nishikata. Nishikata then finally takes up the challenge to take the revenge from Takagi. But eventually when he wins he does not really feel that he won his challenge.


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